Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Wholesale Dropshipping And Ebay Wholesale Supplier

Wholesale Dropshipping is a highly profitable way to earn a good living with an online auction powerhouse eBay. There are people all over the world creating online businesses from their home by using wholesaler dropshipping, to make money on eBay.
The great thing about drop shippers is they allow you to compete with the big guys in the market like overstock.com, amazon.com or walmart.com.
Wholesale Dropshipping can be simply defined as selling products at a wholesale price, sending the address to the drop ship company and they handle all the shipping. You keep the profit between the wholesale price and what you sold it for.
For instance if you by a digital camera at $99 wholesale and sell it for $189 retail you make a $90 profit and best of all you do not even have to ship the product. There is no doubt this is an incredible opportunity for an ebay business.
However, because of the ease and profitability of using a dropship company there is extensive competition. eBay abounds with people using this home based business model to create a living for themselves. So, how do you get by the rest and shine as the one to buy from?
There are three distinct secrets used by prominent eBay Powersellers.
In order to be real successful with wholesale dropshipping with your Ebay business you need to know a few things. The first thing is you want to differentiate yourself.
Don’t try to sell the same products as everybody else or it will be too competitive. Look for unique products like for instance a medieval tapestry. The more you seek out unique products the more you will succeed with wholesale dropshipping on ebay.
The second thing you should consider is offering bonuses with your auction. If you are in a competitive market this can make a big difference. For instance, if you are selling wholesale watches, try to offer a bonus like an ebook on “10 tips for doing preventive maintenance on your watch so it will not break.”
The third thing you should consider with wholesale dropshipping is your copywriting skills will make our break your Ebay auction. Spend time setting up the copy on your auction so it sells. Do not just throw up the item with little copy. State the benefits of the product and attach emotion to it.
Lastly, the most important ingredient to being success with wholesale dropshipping is to ensure you provide high quality customer service to your Ebay auction winners. Always follow up and make sure they are happy with the product.
If you want to success as a wholesale dropshipping Ebay powerseller follow these above tips and your business will be thriving.
Jack Harmon in an online business owner that loves helping people find their dreams online. If you want to know how to find in 1000s of the hottest drop ship products that are perfect for selling online visit: Hot Wholesale Products With Dropshipping.
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